single girl.
working hard in cold city.
kind to all, even cruel boss.
good girl, so lonely.

rough and tumble
blue collar man,
stubble, dirty shirt.
good man inside.

same diner for lunch
every day.
notice each over,
peering over coffee cups.

one day,
robber rushes in,
gun drawn.
girl pushed down.
man helps her up,
puts robber down.

cops come,
know man.
once saved child,
pulling from 

fire between 
man and girl grows.
lunch together,
dinner together.

dinner, then drinks,
bed, passion.
ooooooooohhh. hmmmm.


girl pregnant.
man wants to marry.
one day,
she says yes.
going to courthouse.

man doesn’t show.
girl heartbroken.
friends say 
told her so.

cops from diner
enter, find girl.
say man struck
by speeding car.

he had helped
old lady with bags,
then ran the blocks
in rented suit,
crossing to other side
through traffic.

desperate to get
to courthouse
on time.

man died
as noon bells rang
over courthouse.

seven months later,
baby born.
man’s eyes,
mother’s heart.