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Lexington Poetry Month
Do Us A Favor Grocery Store Stranger
article by
T.D. Worthington

Let that hand fly
don’t beg awkwardly anymore
why put up with protests
on a monday afternoon
in a crowded grocery store
don’t wait til later
for the love of God
spank the little dictator
and what better place
could there possibly be
than surrounded by strangers 
next to your kid’s favorite cereal
in aisle three

5 responses to “Do Us A Favor Grocery Store Stranger”

  1. YES, DO IT! i’ve even wanted to hire my behind-whupping services out to conflicted parents so as to alleviate as much guilt as possible, because i will most certainly sleep soundly.

  2. Teri Foltz says:

    I had to find you among the poets so I could say how much I smiled at this poem. Thanks

  3. Thanks you guys! I have to admit I was conflicted about publishing this sense the tone is so different from what I usually write and due to subject matter, I’m glad the side of me with more humour won and i’m glad yall enjoyed the poem, it gives me courage

  4. K. Bruce Florence says:

    Oh, yes, and said so well!

    K. Bruce Florence

  5. tina andry says:

    great poem. the title is perfection.

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