and different places to stay. i found out the other day my eyes aren’t brown from someone who knows me very well. i was shocked that i didn’t know they were actually brown. the idea of bringing it up made me cringe. in conversations with strangers in the city ive realized we identify most strongly with the places we have left. conversation excerpts of different people.

Born in Mexico and they were supposed to name me Vanessa. The neighbor’s baby was named Vanessa first, so I’m just [omitted]. Then we moved to the suburbs up here. Then I’m here? I guess.

I don’t go to college here, I’m just back for the summer. I go to this small liberal arts college out in Iowa. A lot more orgies. That’s a joke, sorta.

Honestly, I just miss the warm weather down there. I don’t even feel Southern.

tying back with any type of point: the disassociation from stop to stop, from switching modes of public transportation, from fixing the curls in your hair using the snapchat face camera as a mirror just so you appear more symmetrical, from untangling iphone headphones with too many crinkles and bends. the honest truth? in comments we learn more about the entirety of a person’s life instead of being friends or lovers with them. what is there to lose in strangers aside from some time for something else. someone i spoke to during my trip told me that it was weird. what is weird? do you love anyone? are you feeling happy right now? what is honestly the worst thing happening in the world right now? i cannot imagine asking someone i know well any of those questions.

It Is Easier to Drink And Talk About What We Know. a stranger has everything i cant look up on the internet. Here Are Facts:           
The average person will remember around 150 people they have met over the course of their life. The president of the United States right now has a degree in economics. Marawi was officially declared won by President Duterte. Two million people were displaced by two thousand. They say the fighting was worse than the Second World War. Somehow I believe it. You will forget your closest friends. The TI-84 Plus CE will do the entirety of any entry intermediate level college math class. In 2015, the John Cena meme was the peak of comedy. Now I had to google it to remember it. The peak of comedy in 2017 is a meme about making fun of a cartoon, about making fun of a cartoon. Nobody thinks drugs are interesting anymore. A tiny body drowned on a Mediterranean shore was shared faster on social media accounts than John Cena memes. Someone asked me about the Syrian Civil War the other day, and I said, “That’s still going on?” Global warming. The Kurds somehow still don’t have their independence, not even as a reward to clearing IEDs in Iraqi cities.