The sky is a patchwork of blues
At dusk,
Light greys and scratches of light pink.
It’s still hot
though the light, fat rain is drumming up a cooler breeze here and there,
like when you open the convenient store fridge
to grab your soda, and the ac isn’t quite doing its thing
cause it’s been working a little too hard.
All I need now
Is an old person who tells it like it is
With a little humor
Leaving off the harsh and bitter
The cruel and painful
Bits that eat at you and crawl into your skin
pulling at the base of your neck and constricting your mouth
It is all too easy, child.
It comes and goes
It is all as you decide it to be
Every moment a miracle
Savor your life, savor every breath, savor every taste and every smile
It all only lasts a while
The sun goes down in glory and rises again every morning.
Bathe in color and relish the conversations you are blessed to have
Drink in the easiness that caresses your comforted heart.
We are all here for a good squeeze
And a scraped knee
And a cold ice cream float
and cool water on our naked bodies,
Embodied love,
lovely with our hope and delight.