I moved from Pity Street
to Envy Avenue last year.
My place is just off
Vengeance Boulevard.  

I have found it to be
a costly neighborhood,
but it is very quiet.
People silently stew
in their own juices
and leave me alone
to simmer in mine.  

Normally, to get where I live,
you turn right at the corner
of Venom and Spite,
but that intersection is
under construction.  

You’ll have to go an extra block
and turn at Bide-Your-Time Lane,
then backtrack to Envy.
Look for the gray-green house
in the middle of the block.  

Don’t mind the big dog
in the front yard. I’ve
had him since he was
a pup, and he’s a sweetheart.
No one would say the same
about his owner, of course.  

Once I moved away
from Pity Street, I found
that I no longer cared
that people liked
my dog so much more
than they liked me.  

Besides, I am way too busy
to think about such things,
for I have plans to make,
many, many plans.