I wonder if the birds were quiet
on the morning of resurrection.
Sometimes, my daily devotion
is just inhalation, looking at
this brokenness and deciding
to love it all anyway.
I meet my hopelessness
with peace. I am patient
with creation, closer than
ever to the favor of the
creator. I ask Him why
the path seems endless,
and the truth is that I am
so small, trumped by the
growth of weeds that surround
me. I don’t understand, 
but when harvest season
comes, I trust I will reap
life from these once dead
and empty fields.
I have seen the first light
from the heat of the fire,
the darkness of an eclipsed 
valley—I am running toward
the promise of morning. 

Inspired by the song “First Light” by Hozier. Listen here: https://youtu.be/kpjOdXEQ5BI?si=e3EDtdMvtTwcQ7wr