My sister

I get to say it with deeper integrity now
Since we are bonded by more than blood or experiences
The songs you sung on those Balkan summer days surprised me with their sweetness
This is one song I delight in far more
That summer, you taught me to plant gardens and have fun
We taught you where seeds and joy came from
I couldn’t sleep the morning you wrote us
To tell of your death, burial and resurrection
I’m glad now slumber didn’t take me under
This is one song of yours I rise early to sing
With utmost certainty, we were sure you’d die in Bosnia
But you didn’t
But now
Three years later you arrive
Perfectly on time
We know your road has been wild, but
My sister
You’ve just entered a wild road so feral to humans
Few walk it
My heart beams with what’s to come for you
Joy so new, hope so deep
And love so great
It must die, be buried, and breathe again