So, you know how just 5 years ago, they allowed us to start getting married? Well now, ANYWHERE in the WHOLE country, they can’t fire us from our job for being queer. No, they can still deny to help us if we go to the hospital. Yeah, the doctor can say they won’t treat us just because they don’t like our clothes or mommy’s girlfriend. The tow truck driver can drive off and leave us there stranded even if we can pay. The photographer. The waiter. The bank teller. Just about everyone can deny us help unless their company or the town protects us, and here in Kentucky, there’s not a lot of that.  So yes, they can kick us out of stores. Yes, they can still use Jesus to keep us out of clubs at school. I know, it’s a public school, but they can. It’s their “freedom of religion,” which is more important than our right to be free FROM their religion, I guess. I’ve always heard Jesus was a nice guy. I don’t think he’d be happy that the bookstore owner kicked us out to prove she was a good Christian. I don’t think Jesus would be happy the shelter makes people sleep on the street instead of the open beds because of an outfit. Yes, they can still keep us from adopting babies or even adopting dogs if they don’t like that we’ve changed our name and pronoun. Yes, they can still refuse to rent us an apartment. No, the schools don’t have to teach anything about our lives or our people’s history. They don’t have to acknowledge intersex biology even exists. They don’t have to use the name you want. Yes, dress codes and bathroom rules can still control and misgender you and yes, they can deny you taking your date to prom. No, it only means we can now work a job without being fired for being queer. But no, no one has to be nice to us. No, they don’t even have to be fair.