Father’s Day  

Dakoda sent me the first text:
Every day is another opportunity
to show you
how much you mean to me
and how having you in my life
makes everything more wonderful. I’m thankful for that
and for you!
Happy Father’s Day, Papa, 🙂 with a read heart in it.  

I text:
Thank you, Dakoda.
Your words mean the world to me.
A better world for you
my wish for you.  

Dakoda wrote: Awe 🙂 with another red heart in it.  

Monifa wrote:
Happy Father’s Day, Rudy 🙂
with two red hearts for eyes.

I write: Thank you so much.  

Ange sent a text: Happy father’s Day!  

I write:
Thanks, Ange,
I appreciate that and you.  

Susana sent me the next message:
Happy Father’s Day!!!
Hope it is a great one :).   

 Janice wrote:
Happy Father’s Day,
papa Rudy…

hope all is well.  

I write:
Thanks, Janice,
I’m resting
after being
on the road for 32 hours
without sleep.  

She wrote: That’s a ruff drive…
Glad you’re ok still!  

Enchanta messaged:
Happy Father’s Day!
Love you!
How have you been?  

I write:
So happy to hear from you, daughter.
I’m as good as I ever am.
I’m about to join
the ranks
of the unemployed.
Our UB grant was not refunded.  

Enchanta replied: Omg noooooo, with five crying emoji.
I’m so sorry to hear this.
Are you OK?
Is there anything I can try to help with?  

My message: I’m looking for work
in the States
& outside the country.  

Enchanta wrote: Loved I’m looking for work
in the States and outside the country.
Oh wow!
Outside the country!
That’s awesome!
I’ll keep my ears open.
Are you wanting to stay in education?  

I wrote:
Thanks. I have two Skype
interviews this next week
from schools in China.
South Korea and Japan have also
at my resume.
Yes education; it has been my life.  

Enchanta: Oh yes that
be wonderful.
What great opportunities.
I know things will go well.  

I write: I’m hopeful.  

Enchanta: Well keep me posted
on how things go.   

I write:
I will.  

Enchanta wrote:
How’s the new
grandbaby doing?  

I wrote:
She is great.
She has to be
one of the happiest babies ever.  

Enchant wrote:
Loves she is great.
She has to be one
of the happiest babies ever.  

I wrote:
It is wonderful.
You have made my day.  

Enchanta wrote:
Love you!  

I write back:
Love you, too.  

Trudy wrote: Happy Father’s Day!!  
I write: Thanks.  

Kelli calls me on the phone:
How are you?  

I answer:

Kelli says:

I don’t suppose
you’ll be coming home

I say:
I don’t think Ethan or I
would ever want to be long-haul truckers.  

Kelli says:
That’s what I gathered
from him as well.
Just wanted to let you know
we love you.  

I say:
Love all of you, too.  

Susana wrote:
Rudy, can I come
and spend the night?
I have practicum tomorrow
and I don’t want to drive really early
tomorrow morning.

I write:
Come on.  

She wrote:
I’m going to be there
late tonight.
Just now leaving.

I write:
No problem.
Door will be unlocked.  

She wrote:
I have key.  

I write:
Ok, door locked.  

She wrote: Thanks!!