I meet Summer again

With it’s shining promise of warm walks
With sun so stringent
As it heals wounds soul deep
Last Summer was different
With it’s confusion and pain
Warm walks looked more like
my face to the wind
Despite the gravity pull backwards
Fall brought a harvest of that same confusing pain
But I kept walking,
Despite my wind chapped skin
Frosty days came swiftly
Carrying with it the smell of slushy snow
Reminding me what could’ve been
Somehow, I kept walking
My Father being the source of my courage
How spring came
Dancing onto my windy path
Whispering gossip of newness
The night Spring turned to Summer
Came with a punch
As it has proven a pattern in past years
Setting me straight with hard truth
Around a kitchen table in the middle of my path
This table diverged a new path for my feet
With warmth of summer 
And that old stringent, healing sun