You were never born.
So, I didn’t rock you to sleep.
I didn’t read you bedtime stories.
I didn’t give you a bicycle for your seventh birthday.
I didn’t take you to work with me.
I didn’t come to your sports events.
I didn’t come to your music recitals.
I didn’t teach you how to drive.
I wasn’t at your high school graduation.
I wasn’t at your college graduation.
I didn’t see you get married.
I didn’t baby-sit for your kids.

I also didn’t have to talk to your teacher or principal when you got into trouble.
I didn’t have to take you to therapy for your behavioral problems.
I didn’t have to pick you up when you wrecked the car.
I didn’t have to bail you out of jail.
I didn’t have to arrange an intervention to get you into rehab.

We can speculate,
We can say,
“What if?”
But we can never know for sure what would have happened
If it never had a chance to happen.