1) overboard: i’m fanatic about not smoking pot condemn everyone that does but when i came into possession of some really good chocolate edibles I spent a whole month stoned walking in the woods writing bad poetry trying to figure out where i was from my dead brother’s  topo maps and kinda lost contact with everyone even NPR which generally i listen to starting with morning edition all the way to the BBC from 12 to 3 a.m. except when they make me mad interviewing  david brooks and i ban the whole shebang from the house even prairie home companion and go on a reading binge and read all four of updike’s rabbit books in chorological order  until harry angstrom dies on a dilapidated basketball court and its spring anyway so i try to memorize all the entries in “ wildflowers of northern kentucky”  such as golden ragwort bishop’s cap foam flower early saxifrage but have a hard time picking them out in the field unless i bring my precious first edition signed copy with me which i hate to do so i go back in and memorize all 120 kentucky counties and the county seats in alphabetical order and then perform the real trick when company comes over and recite them backwards