gather 1st
your supplies
into the shaded spot that reminds you of your great grandmother’s hands

she was
the sunny edge of the forest

It’ll be hard to spin the dial

flight paths & barking dogs and & creaking swings $

there it is
just below your narrative smirk

there is only just enough time to be so genuine now

–crush the pokeberries between your fingers–
(avoiding the nose & mouth)

drop the dark purple mash into the inflatable kiddie pool, full up
to the sea turtle rim with water & vinegar
& hope

(the hope can be borrowed if you can’t produce your own)

wiggle toes through
the water, in
the berries, on
the soft plastic on
sacred earth

drop. each. stitch.
of cloth into the pool

you might smell
pipe tobacco
& hear
the clatter of an old screen door


–you were always exactly as the universe needs you
–quit squalling
–the biscuits need done

You won’t be able to wear sandals for days
&everything you possess will be immune to your own poisons