She touched my chin and my heart
in one fell swoop,
kidnapped my thoughts and took over my
life in three weeks and four days–
her peach pink lips pulled into a grin
when I stumbled over words and cracks in the road–
My God, she loved that, me lookin’ the fool,
and I loved playin’ it just for her–
I’d’ve spooned my brain out and sold it for a penny
if it’d make her pretty face light up or I could hear her
loud laugh just one last time–
But it was never meant to be,
and I shoulda known my Momma and my Brother
wouldn’t let me be happy–
I shoulda known before Big Brother raised his gun
and Momma aimed it for ‘im
and my Pretty Peach Girlie got a hole right in the middle of her
sweet head–
I got a matchin’ one right in my heart,
but no piece were raised against me–
So when Momma and Big Brother were hanged
like willow branches I ain’t seen since I were just little–
I gotta admit,
it felt damn good to watch ‘em swing.