Toni told me this story:
I was around 7 years old &
my father took me to one of those pop-up carnivals 
that appear and disappear overnight
in a grocery store parking lot 
when we lived in Cleveland, Ohia
(Toni always adds an “a” when she says Ohio),
We were the last riders on the Ferris wheel,
decked out in yellow and silver neon,
that night & I think the kid operating it
thought he was giving us an extra thrill
by speeding it up–the dark, the flashing lights below,
the jerk of the carriage as we swung to the top
frightened me & Dad knew instinctively,
yelled to the operator 
Hey Bud Can You Slow It Down!   
I remember thinking Dad not only knows everything–
he knows everybody.
& sure enough we circled two more times
around at a slower, steadier clip.