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Lexington Poetry Month
article by
J.A. Caswell

Old money and local shops.
This town is going out of business.
Individuals fleeing like a fly under a swatter.
Poor people stuck on drugs and like gum to this city’s knock off brand shoe.

5 responses to “Frankfort”

  1. Philip Corley says:

    I like the brevity of this poem. It’s about the city of a state, one would expect it to be longer. But no, it is small, thus packs a punch. Love the gum on shoe line. Very well done.

  2. Aaron Slatten says:

    counterfeit goods, to immediate authenticity

  3. Amy Camuglia says:

    Great! Next time someone asks….. “What’s Frankfort like?”….,,, I’m gonna refer them to this poem 😉

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