the sun shimmers above
through the waves above my head
depth meter: twenty meters
just getting started
i grip the guide rope
and pull up with just enough
energy to send me further down
the sea is very still
depth meter: forty meters
i had a good pre-dive breath
i feel good, all is going like clockwork
depth meter: sixty meters
it is getting darker above
and the fish seems puzzled
at my presence
depth meter: eighty meters
i can no longer see much
must rely on the carabiner
to keep me near the guide rope
moving faster now
depth meter: one-hundred ten meters
keeping rib case expanded
plenty of air, plenty of air
depth meter: one-hundred twenty meters
very cold now, muscle endurance
still good
depth meter: one-hundred fifty meters
no fish here
no light
only me and this purgatory
depth meter: one-hundred seventy meters
may not be enough air
depth meter: one-hundred eighty meters
there is no up anymore
or down
no me
only the dark
the cold
depth meter: one-hunny nine meter?
shark bit me
no, cramp,
big cramp
depth meter: tow-hunny meeber up
no, down too much down
up, need up
need breathe
need mommy
angel arm
angel mommy
lift me 
weigh nothing
depth meter: two-hundred sixty meters