Maybe time travelers are in our history books
Eva Braun, Gavrilo Princeps and Lee Harvey Oswald
These possibilities come to mind
because violent ends are the most interesting history

What if somebody did go back in time to kill Hitler
and the world got so much worse 
so they killed the person who killed Hitler
and we don’t know them
But you know,
Evil is evil.
So they found the exact moment for Hitler to die
and the world not go to total shit
Eva Braun killed Hitler then herself.
Also she was a time traveler 

Maybe Kennedy needed to die
and the gunman on the knoll missed his shot
Is it possible World History needs
two World Wars to go to space
End Imperialism
Give us the internet?

Who decides that 100 million people die
Who tallies how many more get to live
Is God a mad man with a box
that sends people to the past?

Is it done to create the best world?
Is this the best world?

Shit, what if it is