My fuckin’ feet hurt. 
And I’d like to snarl my lip in contempt 
and swear it ain’t bothering me
that bad. 
I’d like to promise up and down
there ain’t nothing poetic about pain, 
but I’d be lying.

My raw nerves shoot sharp verse

right up my spine. 
My fuckin’ feet hurt

but that resilient knot growing,
tangling roots deep in my foundations 
wrapping around those itty bitty bones
like kudzu…
it’s beautiful ain’t it?
Metatarsal metaphor. 
I couldn’t tell you what it means
but the bulging blue veins
are throbbing bright blue blood
and I trace the tender to touch trickles 
’bout to burst through my pale skin
with careless fingers
and convince myself that hurt 
was earned.