A hyena survives by eating a gazelle
While the gazelle survives by running away.

The quest for a psychological, spiritual homeostasis
Ends in different places for every human being,
Like genes of the mind.
Why do you have brown hair?
(Why are you Catholic?)
Why do you have blue eyes?
(Why do you not believe?)
Because this is what was,
What will be again because of science
Even in a liquid fashion.
The walls built for me are the same walls
That helped my parents survive
And their parents before that.

The difference about these genes is they are not concrete
And these mental walls have holes in them
Proven by the fact that I, a lonely child of God,
Have wandered, in part, outside.
There is pride to be found in any number of forms.
The problem is not the parent teaching peace to a child
But an individual forcing that peace on a stranger.

Just because a hyena’s survival is based on eating a gazelle
Passed on to a hyena pup for its survival
Doesn’t mean that a gazelle should be forced
To be a willing part of hyena survival.