Glenn, also known as “Low drama Glenn,” I mean Epipremnum aureum

AKA Neon Pothos
Also known as blazing, radiant, shining

in the aspect
to yearn, to covet, to ache, to pine

perched? rested … perched?
a vibrant, yellow green piling and unfurling of goldengreen

he gets two or three new leaves a week, you know
now that he’s let everyone know exactly what he needs

these victories are so rare
and never less
than hard-won

he is heart-shaped leaves in a pot, painted as a rainbow ending

in Portugal.

If you ask Glenn what kind of animal he wants to be, he will tell you.
–he’s the only one who tells where you can hear it.
–he’s so used to telling lies, but here, the honest truth.

“A firefly. Lit up and undeniable.”

Glenn has never heard the fado.

to pine, to covet, to yearn, to ache
but he feels it

How brave must it be, he thinks, to look fate in the eye and say, “Your eyes are mine, because with your beauty, you’ve left me blind.”