I see through Your eyes
And there are the expanse of the stars
Far beyond my own eyes.
I see the sands promised to Abraham
to be filled with his children
And I see Your children, Your creation,
So beautiful and abounding in love
Like You.
For You are Love
In all it’s splendor and mercy.

I see through Your heart
Your hurt for Your children
And for those who are not yet
But may or may not be
In the future
And then I see Your mercy.
And feel the warmth of Your touch.

And I see through Your Soul
The eternal mercy for those
Whol love You so much,
And who believe in You
That You are indeed in control
And who obey You
Even though they may have hardships…
Because in all things at all times
Your blessings are present
All we have to do is look.

I praise You Father for Your wisdom
For Your love, for Your grace

For You…