Precious Moment figurines became a bond
between Mom and me.
Bought my first when pregnant with my firstborn.
A wagon overflowing with puppies pushed in a wagon
by a little girl smiling and glowing.
That little girl became a veterinarian.

Mom loved it. Added to my collection with
a Nativity set, a girl going back to school
balancing a book on her head as I returned to college
at age 39, a pumpkin for my October birthday
and many more. Her collection began on
family trips to Gatlinburg where gift shops
carried the Precious memories for her life.
For their 50th wedding anniversary I put
one on their cake.

Mom is gone now and my curio is crowded 
showcasing her figurines. Many gifted over
the years. We spoke of a trip to their home
in Missouri. Sadly we never got there.

Yesterday I completed her Bucket List Wish
with a close friend. Rosemary eyed the 
highway billboard urging me to stop.
So glad I did…spent an hour with Mom
and our Precious Memories at the Chapel
built by their creator…
Samuel Butcher.