I am not full of righteousness
I am not religious
I speak no further words than the words of my truth
There’s no one way of doing it
Words of pain come out of me
And then they are gone
And I like it that way
There is nothing I can do about these traumatic endings
But what’s noble
And that’s live
Which is really hard sometimes
I don’t know any of you
All the way
Just yet
I’m still trying to trust
But I am not holy water
And I’m not a savior
I’m agnostic
I’m bisexueal
I’m a woman
I’m not no “tall drink of water”
But I am not small
I breathe for Tranquility
I breathe for love
I breathe for adventure
I breathe for art
I breathe for words
Whether they be insignificant or full of gut
I breathe because I can
And I’ll welcome death when I’m out of Senzu Beans