I just saw an old Volkswagen
that was driven by a clown.
She had the face of a demon. 
She was going through my town.
I said, “Come on demon, baby!
Gotta get out of this place!
I don’t wanna read no stickers!
Or look at your ugly face!”
She just flashed those eyes of Satan,
and gave me an evil grin,
and I knew I’d be in trouble
with the bossman once again.
I said, “Give it hell old demon,
cause I know that’s where your from,
and I know that you can drive that
faster than a shooting gun!”
And she said, “You got that right boy!
I’m  a demon through and through!
And the Devil sent me here from hell
to torment all of you!
I drive slow in front of workers,
never reaching 45,
and I weave behind the travelers
in a pickup truck I drive!
I’m always in the left lane
with a big Ohio plate,
driving you slowly insane,
driving you toward your fate
of a very tight white jacket
and some pills at Eastern State.”

And I give up.