Growing life to love is one of my favorites.

I like watching them grow,
then to harvest,
then to eat.

Gardens are beautiful though they are not
as beautiful as my darling
puppy. Wicket is his name.

I planted him in
Ohio and brought him back
to Kentucky. He still grows on and on
even if he is far away from his home.

He does not ever reject a treat or snuggles.
But he does not like water (on him not in him). 
He has an adorable bark. I wrote this poem when he was beside me, wet.

He is my special plant. 
I call it “Wicket Caramel Fluff Ball.”
I pick him every day.

He would fall asleep in my lap
then I would put him in his crate
then I would go to bed and the fun
of the day would fall to the silent night.