i slept for four hours today

on a medication that doesn’t let me sleep

when the sun is out

and i slept while i waited

for a text back

about oversleeping

and wondering if i would be fired for this

but the text said she had noticed my hard work lately

and these things happen


and yesterday i was supposed to visit home

to see relatives i haven’t seen in years

but i was so tired

so i sent my a dad text that said

“i wish i could,

i’m just so tired i don’t think i’d be much fun to be around haha”

and i asked my girlfriend if my family secretly hates me

and my dad said

“Of course! Rest up. Love you too.”

because she was right and they don’t


i’m sitting here with my hazards on

waiting at the gate

for a friend to do me a favor

and i’m so tired of being tired

and asking for favors

or forgiveness

and being unable to accept it when they come