He loves me

The way his warm breath lingers on my lips

Mouth soft against mine

But with a deep fervor and desire

Our hearts connecting with the tips of our tongue


He loves me not

The way his eyes dance between women

His fingers curling

At the thought of desire

The way he imagines his mouth against them


He loves me

The way he whispers to me

His hope for our futures

A joint melody of hope and love

This bond that seemed so strong 


He loves me not

The way he looks her in the eye

Telling her how he wants her

His knuckle grazing her cheek

A sly smile as he takes joy in his deception


He loves me

The way his hands cup my curves

His chest pressed closely into mine

How I can feel his desire

Not only in the beating of his heart 


He loves me not

The way he tells her every wanton desire

How he wishes he could feel the depths inside her

How he sneaks away

A secret soon to be discovered


Our love was fleeting just like petals on a flower

Not even flying away

In a beautiful wind

But dropping down to the ground

No meaning

No grand gesture

Just dying away

Just like the love I thought we shared