His friends said he was his own worst enemy,
Sabotaging himself at every turn,
Getting fired from jobs where he excelled but couldn’t get along with management,
Pulling the rug out from under his own marriage,
Finding ways to ruin relationships that followed.

Was he a failure?
Not really.
He actually succeeded,
Then pulled the plug on his own successes.
It was as if he threw a wrench in the works so he wouldn’t end up failing.

You’ve heard this story before.
Sometimes a guy continues on this self-defeating path for the rest of his life.
Another guy finally hits on something that works and runs with it,
As if to demonstrate that there was only that one path to success,
And he turns into a real jerk perpetuating his winning formula.

These are really two versions of the same guy.
You probably know him.
You might have even tried help him,
Offering to steer him on a positive path.
But he didn’t listen, did he?