Savor your dreams      

Count the rips in the seams     

I made my baby cry      

Had to come clean      

About all the nights      

I spent lying in bed      

Thinking about all      

All of life that I dread      


So I drove out of the state      

Kissed the lips that I hate      

I was never told      

The promise had been made      

All my things I sold      

When I tried to let go      

I can’t handle the pressure      

I can’t remember the snow      


I hear same songs on repeat

As I walk down the street

To the railway station

Where I try my best to beat

My boredom into sensation

Buying a ticket to nowhere

It’s getting pretty late, don’t you think

My father really won’t care


I stumble when i try to run

Gotta get out of the sun

The scene is too familiar

Something I’ve already done

You stay clear of danger

But it’s already calling you back

Grab yourself a duffel bag

I’ll try and help you pack