I sometimes long for the valleys and slopes

That are the hills of back home

The way creek beds spill out water

Over cold, moss-covered rocks

Insects cackling amongst bushes and trees

Their loud songs against my ear

A melodic change from the bustle of the city

Being given the opportunity for my feet to go bare

Connecting to the muddy soil

Toe prints fossilizing themselves

Even for just a moment in time

To later be washed away by cool, uninterrupted waters

The smell of wild honeysuckle

Tickling my nose and filling my lungs

The way stinging nettles gently bounce

Around my ankles making a slight connection

A small prick

The earth making me aware I am here on her land

My hands lightly brushing across the tops

Of hanging vines cascading from old trees

The bark detached in places

Seemingly a deer swiping his racks

A carving to make his presence known

Humidity like a warm cloud kissing against my skin

All things connecting as one

My body on and amongst the earth

The earth surrounding all of me

Knowing I am most home here amongst

Life that is a chaotic fury of wonderment

That connects to my outward self

Deepening it’s connection with my inner self