Yesterday, you added bacon and bagels to the shopping list.
That evening, you forewarned me,
“I’ll be making breakfast tomorrow.”
Typically, we don’t see you before lunch.

This morning, we’re having coffee on the porch
when you appear: “Can you show me how to use the stove?”
Later, you demonstrate your technique, “Is this how you crack an egg?”
I am unable to articulate the difference between a pot and a frying pan.

In no time you deliver two egg and bacon sandwiches
with blueberries and raspberries on the side, handing the plates to us
with a flourish. Delicious! You join us for breakfast,
leave to clean up the kitchen, ask what to do with the grease.

I hover between telling you what to do and letting you figure things out,
understanding that before long you won’t be asking me many more questions.