a fatal coincidence
that death should pay for life
– –
a twig pushes up
underneath paws imprinting
trails upon the ground,
the housndstooth cobblestone
encircles the homestead where
ants march two-step
over picnic tables and
wrought iron rope
         [[ they took, in their sepia tones
         motions to bind , in chains, the triune
         back together,
         using time, sun and
         a little luck
         to no avail: the split
         could only be bridged,
         not mended ]]

to separate islands of bark
and sticky sap
in search of food for
their communal future
while blades rustle in tempo
with the breath of the unknowable
in fields and kempt lawns
shorn sharp enough to
tickle the barefoot feet
of the claimants of the land
running in joyous fright–on the
occasion of a wedding–from
the slobbering jowls of raucous canines…

– –

alerted to the antannae
of a foreign passenger
on my person
I am reminded that likewise I am
a traveler with no innate knowledge
of my port or my terminal,
only sure of the dirt underneath
each step.