Slowly.  Try to head us off, give
chase and we’ll evade–weave,
dodge, outrun. Save your energy,
we’re shape-shifters.  

Give us plenty of room.  Consider
yourself an invasion.  Place yourself
where you don’t want us to be. 
We’ll go where you aren’t.  

Quietly.  Without eye contact.
Shout, push, and we panic, thrust
ourselves through woven wire, furrow
our own flesh, or charge through electric
shock, spoiling ourselves for freedom.  

If all fails, bring a bucket of feed
in offering to the sleekest, boldest, Alpha
Ewe. Let her taste and see, hoist
it overhead;  she’ll lead a small stampede.  

Choose the destination carefully—
toward light, shade, new pasture.  Only
move sheep who already trust you, and only
move us where we want to go.