I am more


forehead wrinkles
          eye skin crinkles
graying hair-mop
          brown age spots
brows grown thinner
          weird chin whiskers
full, curvy figure
          bold thigh jiggles
flat-as-flitter feet
          evening edema
dry, flaky dermis
          forever forgetfulness

However, I moreover

delight in the shadows, NOT in spotlight
          see through clouds silver glint of moonlight
accept responsibility to be the “old and wise”
          appreciate variety, uniqueness, and surprise
frame my view with rubies and roses
          embrace weirdness and solid closeness
thank my body for reliability and hard work
          walk miles in others’ shoes and refuse being a jerk
tread softly around painful ground
          swell with love and spread it all around
thirst for resilience to easily bounce back
          remember grace and forgive my lack

and that
I am more

(In celebration of the aging process and of me. Life is too short, friends.)