I am a strong, Appalachian woman
Raised by strong, Appalachian women
Tougher’n a pine knot, and proud of it

We were molded by the hand of God to
Withstand whatever cards we are dealt
Here in these mountains we call home

For so many generations we have been
Learning to cultivate a life here, a place
That not everyone can learn how to tame 

I am of granny witches and healer women
Mountain magic and old herabl remedies 
A world within a world that should not exist

Yet it does exist; it is here and it is everywhere
Mountain magic made by barefeet and hands
Calloused from giving and giving and giving 

A horse shoe over the door; salt in the corner 
A breath blown into the mouth of a child that
Will cure the thrush; hands laid to stop blood

Us women of the mountains are so many things
Keepers of ancient secrets
Knowers of the seen and unseen