Posts for June 29, 2023

Registration photo of Kathleen Bauer for the LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge.


what if i told you 
that long after your phases 
of fire and water end
after two summers spent 
writing them into poetry 
your lungs would un-freeze
and lift again in breath?

they say doing what was long
overdue is a weight
lifted off of you, but no,
you are the one lifted off the weight
of yourself from when you tied yourself down
roped in with the stockholm syndrome forgetting
when you lost yourself and found
something else.

i say you as inthe second person
you, entity separate
from the first person
singular me not we
but as in myself paused
at this moment in time and i
am no longer the same me i once was,
keep that one to yourself. 

only you would understand so completely,
forgive me for the dissociation.
i promise i haven’t forgotten

i would tell you what change is
what it is like to see a star die and resurrect
as you watch in time-lapse,
captivated for months
but you’d already know.

just like you’d understand
just like you’d forgive me now
as patiently i let go of you,
girl i was going on seventeen,
and let you fall as a sacrifice
to the sea that carried you away
and revealed me washed ashore,
breathing out your drowned lungs.



“What’s wrong with her anyway?”
She needs adulation.
Wall to wall, seamless adulation.
She’s a realist”



I was fifteen and full of energy 
Time stood still on the outskirts of town 
There was a kwikstop and a carpet store 
That sat between the main road 
And the hollow road that wound up the creek
Down where the lightening bugs came out early
There was little light or noise pollution
Nothing to disturb the thick heat of summer 
You could lay out on the hood of your car 
Watch the light show of the stars, hear the crickets
If you were lucky hear a whippoorwill
I saw myself in a much different way 
From a whole different perspective 
Angles were just angles 
Degrees were wrong and in opposite directions 
Polarized in a manner which blindsided me 
In all the best ways, I know that now 
While that end of town had a great nighttime view 
I was never meant to be living out this life
Under that end of the Milky Way.


Life Lesson

He nearly died one day 
working for the U.S. Bureau of Mines
a engineer fresh from Carnegie Tech
checking gauges in a shed
while his bosses bled 
liquid oxygen tanks 

The explosion fattened the air
with chaos
and he ran from the shed to find
his bosses dead
save for one staggering around
all of which he probably said
at the inquiry

What a way to start a career

So he left it all behind
went to work in his brother’s
roofing business
The same brother
my mother accused
of grabbing her by the throat
in a shopping mall
choking her ’til a stranger pulled him off

He fell asleep on the couch most nights
wearing his fatigue
like his T-shirt and trousers
the TV telling stories
as his bald spot grew like a tumor

Here’s what I learned

Life is explosive 

So stagger from the smoke
Don’t choke 



I need to start telling myself

better stories about the future


I need reasons to wake up.

My time is spent sleeping

and watching movies,

stories played out in dark rooms,

living vicariously through others

or not living at all.


I need to challenge

the negative self-talk

in my head


it’s smothering me.

I want to breathe in hope


like a clean, clear, cleansing breath.



From the Shade

I clutch daisies and lilies from 
My garden for you,
Surrounded by so many stones 
Each proclaiming a family name – 
Each a loss to someone who loved. 

Flowers perch atop that require no care, 
Need no water or sunlight
A rusted birdhouse
A morning dove coos
Dappled sunlight dances through the leaves.

Leaves rustle under the
Pink and blue checked fleece blanket.
The soft breeze a gentle hug 
I close my eyes to feel its embrace.
I close my eyes and 
Lean into the beauty. 

Registration photo of Ariana Alvarado for the LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge.

White Witch

The White Witch

Calls for us:
Rows of soldiers
Stand at attention.
For just tonight,
I choose to not be myself.


Weather Forecast

Keeping check on the rain
she shines the morning long.
Reaching far to grasp
the close held lie that
all her truth is myth.

Holding out the dismal rainbow 
she swallows up the colors 
spitting out the bitter gold
and tasting myth for truth. 

KW  6/29/23



measure gravitational waves
feel out the undulations
map out this cosmic wave
see the deep neons
splash across the backdrop
while patterns form 
by the birth and death 
of all those stars

we’re here
already in a wave decay
the barrel lost way back
but this ride is far from over
and I’m glad it’s with you

Registration photo of E for the LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge.

Moratorium (English Translation)

the crowd ebbs and flows,
rippling reflected in a puddle
the traffic light fades in a never-changing red
the speaker on the floodlight is broken
it only sings lies over and over again

pitiful lonely smile, with breath hanging sweet
a daydreamy look inside
i kept the thought to myself,
like drops dripping by the window

if this sky ever stops crying,
you should go back to where it’s safe
so you can completely fly away
as i’m here, with you, in a birdcage
forever, trapped, unable to fly
lulled into dreamland

let me cuddle close with my lover
with an umbrella in the sun
as we share a form, my eyes flutter closed
a turn signal flickered, like it was rushing me
the night i chose this hazy path

we’re back to back, and time keeps piling up
while i hold gentle lies in my mouth
ordinary dreams alone are enough
to leave me lovesick

if i say what i want to say
you’ll get wet from the rain
because you expect it to stop raining
as i’m here, with you, in a birdcage
forever, trapped, unable to fly

hiding in the thrum of the rain,
the two of us quietly sing
please stop staring out the window
your heart is right here–
i’m right here.

if this sky ever stops crying,
you should go back to where it’s safe
so you can completely fly away
as i’m here, with you, in a birdcage
forever, trapped, unable to fly

i can’t even draw now,
let alone tomorrow
and i can’t even go back to the past
let’s both just close our eyes
as i’m here, with you, in a birdcage
forever, trapped
we’re the only two people in the whole world
i want to be together
inside a birdcage
lulled into dreamland