The hottest day of the year

But here I lay under a tree with a thousand limbs

On top of a thousand roots

The leaves gently dance in the wind

The water is still and the shade is light

The birds soothe me with their songs

A place I could never be tired of

I find peace in the natural sounds,

In the vibrant colors,

And the details of the bark she carefully carved


I tend to forget that she carved me, Picked out every color,

From my green eyes, to my brown hair, to my soft pink lips

Perfectly placed each freckle and stretch mark like limbs and leaves

I am so similar to the art I love,

Yet I don’t treat myself like the trees


I strive to adore myself as much as I adore the leaves,

And the grass, the birds, the bark, the water, and Mother Nature herself

Because I, too, am her art