I don’t know what you look like

but I know you’re beautiful.


I don’t know where you are,

but I know that it’s too far away,

because you’re not standing next to me.


I don’t know your name

but I know it will be my favorite word.


I don’t know when we’ll meet,

tomorrow or years from now.

But I know every second of waiting

will have been worth it.


I don’t know what you’re like.

I only know we were made for each other,

that we’ll fit together perfectly

like the last two puzzle pieces.


I can’t wait for you to get here,

to step out of my dreams

and into my life.


I’m ready for this romance to begin.


I can’t wait to show you

my favorite things,

my favorite places,

my favorite people

and to see all of yours.


I ache for our first kiss,

long to hold you,

long to feel your hand in mine.


I love you so much

and I don’t even know you


But I know how nice

your arms will feel around me,

how sweet your kisses will taste.

I know we’ll make love all night long.


Every time will feel like the first,

so new and passionate.


I can’t wait to dance with you.

I can’t wait to cuddle.

I can’t wait to watch

all my favorite movies

with you.


I’m gonna write you poems.

I’m gonna make you laugh.

I’m going to be the love of your life.


Every couple that I see

reminds me that you’re possible.

You’re on your way to me.


I’m going to cherish you,

treasure you,

adore you.


We’re going to have a beautiful life together.


Take your time.

Your journey is important.

But I just wanted you to know

I can’t wait to meet you.