I caught a dragonfly in my throat
chimes rang out in my head
high pitched sounds and vibrations
allowed me to see far distances
I felt the calling…..  

Isn’t that always the way
Suddenly you get taken over
without warning
asking you once again to sacrifice
whatever else you are doing
for Beauty, for Art,
for that Quest,
for that thing you want
that thing
that keeps you  

that thing that keeps you
from making dinner
buying milk for the fridge
running the laundry
those kinds of things
stop the momentum
into complete immersion
Those fragmentizing things
just don’t ring chimes,
but rather
break the charm
of muse mining
mountain climbing
grand standing on Kilimanjaro
landing on the moon  

So, again today,
I must choose
my path—-
Other than that,
it’s just
regular kind of day