over some rainbow
someone is sitting on top
of a big pot of gold
after i kick cupid in his ass
I will jack his bow and play stick up kid 
robbin hood they ass unless we go 50/50

I was once asked
about reparations in a debate
about slavery and the civil war
“Let’s start with the south 
And I still want those damn mules”
They said I should be realistic

Today that sideshow is calling
That halfway strongman on tight ropes 
Unraveling bubble kush slow
I’m immune to what is underneath me
I want to go where those vapors do
I want to see that place where stars go boom
I want to slow dance in that place
where seraphim blush shades 
I’ve never seen before
I want to ride that gravitational wave 
Backwards in time
So I can scribble ideas in the margins
Of Jahs blueprint for eternity 
I want to swim with rogue mermaids
Through undercurrents collapsed star deep 
And drown for no reason at all

Sometimes I don’t make sense to me
So how can what I write make sense to you
(I’m not asking)

I want to sail away
to parts unknown
To any map
Or satellite image
That is sitting somewhere
Waiting to be seen
And I hope I find you there

Look at that
Eight minutes to spare