Posts for June 6, 2017


Born Naked

I was born naked,
but rarely felt comfortable
in my skin
until yours moved against mine,
friction caressing a well of heat,
my need to be bare, airing
scarred skin fading with
age, making me brave enough to say:
“Here I am. Take me, or leave me.”
and I’m always pleasantly surprised when
you take me.


I have an hour and 20 minutes to write a poem OR talkin shit

over some rainbow
someone is sitting on top
of a big pot of gold
after i kick cupid in his ass
I will jack his bow and play stick up kid 
robbin hood they ass unless we go 50/50

I was once asked
about reparations in a debate
about slavery and the civil war
“Let’s start with the south 
And I still want those damn mules”
They said I should be realistic

Today that sideshow is calling
That halfway strongman on tight ropes 
Unraveling bubble kush slow
I’m immune to what is underneath me
I want to go where those vapors do
I want to see that place where stars go boom
I want to slow dance in that place
where seraphim blush shades 
I’ve never seen before
I want to ride that gravitational wave 
Backwards in time
So I can scribble ideas in the margins
Of Jahs blueprint for eternity 
I want to swim with rogue mermaids
Through undercurrents collapsed star deep 
And drown for no reason at all

Sometimes I don’t make sense to me
So how can what I write make sense to you
(I’m not asking)

I want to sail away
to parts unknown
To any map
Or satellite image
That is sitting somewhere
Waiting to be seen
And I hope I find you there

Look at that
Eight minutes to spare


#D4F7A0 ( 212, 247, 160)

fruit in packed lunches
always made my teeth recoil
at the thought of piercing wax
and the flavorless mush pouring in–
no matter how tight the skin
the mealy flesh lent no satisfaction–
and so, anomalous, I bit
to test my preconceptions
only to discover a crisp tartness
inversely correlated to its outer hue,
tint and saturation,
which left me to question
however briefly
what else in life I’ve missed


Whatever Works, Right?

Today it was suggested 
For me to take a supplement
I’ve only previously
Heard about
From cop shows 
And dying addicts. 

They lived to tell the tale.
Guess that’s proof 
Enough for me. 


I am exactly 22 and 4 months old

Today you reminded me to take
my stupid thyroid meds
And I just wanted to say
that I love you too.


a haiku for drunken nights and autocorrect

auto correct stole
my ability to spell
duck that. seriously.


a haiku for drunken nights and autocorrect

auto correct stole
my ability to spell
duck that. seriously. 


You can’t bribe the dog on your way to the sky

unless you have beef
jerky in your pocket
he’s otherwise incorruptible

perfect to guard
the ultimately unapproachable



i make an enigmatic paracosm of color and shape to keep em on thier toes
i make a hole in the ground to lie in 
i make a cup of tea 

the hands on divine knit roads into soil for my legs to run on
the mough of god makes crashing teeth to sound off like starting pistol 
the wine makes my red tongue still 

you make sense 
you make sense 
you make sense 


Things Overheard in a Bar Down an Alley In Cincinnati, Ohio

I had the same experience
with a 16-year-old polygamist girl
in a Jeep one night.

She might have been 17.
We’d been making out
for about an hour.

No, they’re not Mormons.

And it’s snowing.

It’s all over Texas already.

So I’m running around the church
and they’re speaking in tongues.
Speaking in tongues,
shit’s fucking real!  

There were no snakes and shit!  

It was PTSD shit!  

You do know I was raised Pentecostal?    

I don’t understand.
What’s in the Kool-Aid?
Because I’m drinking it
and I’m not falling out.  

I think God is just shaking his head,
because he didn’t even create
the God damn church.  

He may not even be there.    

-Maggie Brewer