I try to purge you from my heart

by writing all these poems.

But your absence is an ache

that will last forever.

What we couod have had.

What we’ll never have now.

And you haunt my thoughts,

the long lost lover

who got away.

The one I should’ve been with.

My first kiss should have come from

your sweet lips.

I try to push your memory away,

but you’re still in my heart.

One more ghost.

One more special person

I let go of.

But I can’t let go of you.

You’re always going to be my dream lover,

loving me only in my dreams.

Would I trade this feeling

for the heartbreak of certainty?

I miss you,

even though I don’t know

who you are now.

I’m always going to wish for

impossible things

whose time has passed.

You’re never going to hold me

the way I want you to.

And there was a beautiful moment

when both our lives could have changed,

and I let it pass right on by.

It was a wonderful time

when I felt close to you,

but now it’s gone forever.

If you ever come back for me,

I’ll be yours in an instant.

But if not, I’ll just keep

dreaming of you.