in between storms
say the weather people
a few hours and then
well, we should be ready
have a plan
basement or the best we can do
I chuckle at the relevance
isn’t that what life is
always in between storms
or if not that extreme, the minor rainy days
so I ask myself 

     what’s my plan
basement or higher ground
call for backup or forge ahead
when will I know it’s time to begin
or end
maybe carry on, as I was

in between storms
complete with tiny outbursts
heart and mind anticipating the worst
can’t I simply rely
on what I know is the method
tried and true
with proof I’m still here
and that’s relevant
life is lived in both
the gray and the yellow
continue despite it all

     that’s my plan
onto higher ground
I will forge ahead
never comprehending the timing
or anything, really
only carry on, until