Thank you:
Hannah Drake
Ibram X. Kendi
Ruby Nell Bridges Hall
Aja Barber
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
Breonna Taylor
Mya Sophia
Anne Braden
bell hooks
Heather McGee
Peggy McIntosh
Kimberle Crenshaw
Isabel Wilkerson

guiding our youngest white children toward being antiracist
taking me on the most beautiful history journey
prying open my eyes and heart to the realities of implicit bais 
your words that flow like honey
teaching me the word antiracist
showing me exactly how “racism costs everyone”
making my invisible knapsack visible
pushing me on my path to unlearn
showing me the complex web of insersecting powers
being a good ancestor
for reminding me that KY (12/1865)  was 6 months behind TX (6/1865)
sharing your love
writing your lexmopo poem yesterday
because your tragic death woke Louisville up, for a minute.