almost sixteen rubies
don’t have to be real shiny
just red enough to exude some kind of niceness
some kind of smile, without pointy edges
and a set of dimples quoting the thousands-dollars teeth

pink or orange lilies
there’s always one that cannot rot
keeps kind eyes and stayed unfurled and
doesn’t know what to say
kind of precious in a sad way

rocks from the beach
maybe the vermillion ones you can draw with
worn down from the sea but just born
shoulders, feet, knees, heels, knees
unblessed grasshopper does its dance either way

pack of cigarettes
sworn to several secret c*********
not used up but empty
brand new label with the primary colors
still a child but not far from the phantoms

baby’s breath; optional
if you’re dying to get rid of a trove of flowers
laughs at everything, laughs hard
snorts like a piglet with a dirty mind
finds everything pretty even when it’s old