We talk every day.

Your words make me swoon.

I wish I could know you

and kiss under the moon.


I wish your love was real.

I wish these dreams were true.

I wish I had more time to spend

each day with you.


I wish I had a photo.

I wish you’d call.

I wish this was easy

and not such a fall.


You make me gasp.

You make me huff.

You make me sigh.

I can’t get enough.


I wish your love was real.

I wish on each star

that you were here next to me

and not so damn far.


You make me melt.

You make me moan.

I wish I could get you

to myself all alone.


You make me happy.

You make me smile.

Please come on over.

Stay more than a while.


I wish your love was real.

I wish you were mine.

I wish this romance

would work out fine.


I want your kisses.

I want your hugs.

Your sweet affection

gets me high like a drug.


I want your nights.

I want your days.

I want to be with you

today and always.


I wish your love was real.

I wish my heart was yours.

I wish you’d take me

and kiss me forevermore.


I wish your love was real,

not just thoughts in my head.

But that’s not the deal,

not what we said.


I wish your love was real

with kisses so sweet.

I wish I could hold you.

I wish we could meet.


You are words on a screen

I let into my heart.

You’re only a dream.

And that’s the worst part.


I wish your love was real.

But I know that it’s not.

Your sweet nothings

are all that I’ve got.


I wish your love was real.

Maybe some day.

Unti then

I’ll be pining away.


I love my idea of you.

I know it’s wrong.

But I’ll cling to you.

‘til something real comes along.


I wish it was you.