–      After J. Campbell & J.R.R. Tolkien

 Dismemberment is easy
(to find).  You don’t need
philosophers & critics to write it
all out.  The hero’s journey
doesn’t even exist, until

ripped apart, broken down,
stripped of crutch, you find
you cannot walk—so you learn

(you choose)                    
                       to hobble
onto the path. 

No one is going to                             
                                 (no one could)
make you. 

Cliffs at his back, the beauty
of the Fool is he cannot
imagine a World
without Towers.

Like the man who inherited
a field, chock full
of old stone—built himself
a home.  & a tower.

Oh, the world will knock
us over, will huff & will puff
to blow it all down. 
This is simply the way
of (this) world.  But we

can be (re)made
of a higher order
of mettle. 

A hero is a hero
not because he is dismembered—
not even because he faces the trials.

A hero is a hero
because he faces himself—

takes a bath in the ashes—
& sets his life

on fire.