Yes believe me. I don’t have long. I can’t see.
I don’t know if it’s because I actually can’t, or tears are flooding my eyes.
This brings me back. I tried to drown myself a year ago. I inhaled near the end. It didn’t work, sadly. Was this punishment for my earlier sins. I know many people who sin. Why me?
As a stare into the mirror. I’m frozen. My legs tremble but I can’t seem to walk. I cannot move. My arms tense up. I saw my reflection blink. I’m getting sucked into the mirror.
Is this my punishment? My reflection pulled me in. I’m resisting. Is this a bad dream?
Pinch. Fuck. I’m awake.
I must be going crazy. Was this residual? Have I been through this before, just reliving it?
I see myself. I’m on the wrong side. Ah, shit! Well this is gonna suck. How am I supposed to attempt again? I just filled the bath.