-One ceramic stripped kitten,
offering it’s paw in welcome
Would you like to come in?

Scent sample, Bergdorf’s Number Nine, empty,
square in shape, topped with gold ball lid,
a touch too big for Barbie

-Two spools of timeworn thread
miniature relics of fashion

-Flying polymer clay critter
on springy wire
tongue protruding
crafted by little Lil

Three bears,
-One brown glass,
concerned look,
hands between knees

-Number Two Golden Mohair-ish
bent over tiny tin 
Arabic embellished car

-Finally Coco short hair,
faux leather mitts
tucked into wooden box cell
feigning invisibility

-Sunny yellow Japanese prize
threatening creature

-Basswood lion
stoic bead
big for it’s age

-Wacky faced Mexican
painted pot
spitoon for Ken

-Precious doll, floral frock
wire yarn appendages

Many others live within
Love of smalls does not retreat